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Prohibition Pickles is a small family, Christian business based out of Lindale, TX. We started back in August of 2021 from a small garden that overgrew with cucumbers! In fact, so many cucumbers to the point where our neighbors didn't want anymore either.

Why did you choose the name? Well we wanted to grab your attention! What better way to grab attention than thinking you're looking at spiked pickles?

Not wanting to waste them, we began trying to pickle. Neither my wife or I have ever been canners or had pickled anything before. Through some YouTube videos and internet recipe tweaks, we began our journey!

Starting with the classic dill and bread/butter flavors, we wanted to differentiate ourselves from the big brands by trying different flavors. We hired a taste tester who is featured in the picture (our daughter Emery). We now have 15 total flavors and have shipped to all 50 states and 4 countries since our start!

Being a small business, we greatly appreciate your purchases! We understand our prices are higher than big box stores, but rest assured your pickles are fresh and made with natural ingredients with no dyes or artificial preservatives. Your orders help make mortgage payments, medical payments, college savings, etc. rather than a millionaires spending habits. Thanks again for your business, and we hope you enjoy! God bless!

-Andy S
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At Prohibition Pickle's, we believe giving back is important! At the end of the fiscal year (Christmas), we proudly donate to the following causes: St. Jude, Salvation Army, Cook Children's Hospital, and Wounded Warriors. The amount we donate is divided equally among the charities and of course the amount is dependent on sales. While you enjoy your pickles, know that you are also helping those in need! As always, we appreciate your business and God bless!
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We get asked all the time, "Where is your store at?"

At the current time we actually don't have our own storefront. We are in the process of trying to build our business to the point where we can rent/purchase a brick and mortar storefront.

However, we have partnered with both the Lindale Candy Company and The Old Mill General Store to offer our products locally.

We hope to have our own location in the near future!
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Here at Prohibition Pickles, we know that people like weird stuff. If you like weird stuff you're in the right place, and we are continuing to add to the list as we go! We have everything from Pumpkin Spice to your classic Dill. If you want to try something new or just want a good ol fashioned pickle, we have one for everyone!


My jar doesn't seem sealed

If the button on top of the lid is not completely depressed prior to opening, please contact us and we will get a replacement out or a refund issued. 

Are the pickles ready to eat upon arrival?

Yes and no. Our pickles are made fresh to order, and that means likely not much fermentation has taken place upon arrival. We recommend 7-10 days upon arrival for the best taste, but you are more than welcome to dive right in! The pickles may still have a "cucumbery" taste if you do decide to eat them immediately.

I didn't receive tracking information

We use Shippo as our primary method of shipping. Upon creation of your shipping label, Shippo will send you an email with tracking information for your order. If your email address was not entered correctly during ordering, you will not receive this information. Please feel free to contact us if you feel this is the case. Thank you!


If you received our product damaged or improperly sealed, please feel free to contact us to receive a full-refund. Due to high volume we are offering refunds only at this time. If your tracking number indicates your package is being held up at a facility please contact the shipping partner provided with your tracking number (i.e. UPS, FEDEX, USPS). Thank you!
  • Lindale, Texas, United States